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The Ezio System is based upon a unique server solution, Ezio Server. The server supports all varieties of authentication technologies; both standard two-factor authentication such as One Time Passwords (OTP), Double Authentication or Challenge/Response as well as more advan-ced transaction verification methods such as Dynamic Signatures and Secure Domain Separation.Ezio Server is the heart of the Ezio System – a system that is completely configurable and allows you to combine different authentication schemes with different devices for authentication, and migrate to new technology over time. This means that by using Gemalto Ezio System you can simultaneously use different types of end-user devices, standards and algorithms. Thanks to its unique ability to support several authentication solutions simultaneously, Ezio Suite allows you to easily differentiate customers to support different customer needs. For example, it’s the only system that allows an end-user to use several different devices and/or login credentials, i.e. multiple credit/debit cards, in parallel. Plus, depending on how the end-user logged on, Ezio Suite enables access to different services. In the case of card readers, the customer can even have the same access via different cards. It’s future-proof – just configure the system to satisfy the changing needs of security, usability and business requirements whenever they are called for.


eBanking Gemalto’s pride comes with everything needed to setup an eBank built around strong remote authentication. Covering all methods from OTPs and Challenge/Response to risk-based authentication with Dynamic Signatures, not to mention user-friendly cross-channel attack mitigation with Secure Domain Separation. This module is available for both Retail and Corporate eBanking and is designed to build and maintain trust amongst bank customers. 


eCommerce Supply merchants with eBank levels of security while controlling eCommerce decisions and workflows internally. The fastest and best way to upgrade your 3D Secure eCommerce setup to security standards up to par with eBanking.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking For banking on the move, this module enables the highest level of authentication security where ever you are. Not only does this module provide OTP and Challenge/Response security, it also enables Dynamic Signatures and Secure Domain Separation in a completely new environment.

Phone Banking 

Phone Banking Complete transactions over the wire in the safest manner. Our telephone banking security solution comes cram-packed with identification and signing functionality, allowing users to carry out all kinds of banking services over the phone.


eBroker Trading and managing assets online calls for truly reliable authentication. This module allows brokers to sign sell and purchase orders using technology levels that increase both security and user-friendliness to unprecedented levels.


Multi-Issuer Setup With the multi-issuer setup module a service provider can share its Gemalto Ezio system with multiple entities, such as banks. Setups, data storages, keys and settings are, of course, kept completely separate.

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